Waste Tyre Recycling Plant Machinery

 Anjali Exim is one the leading tyre recycling machine manufacturer and Exporter from India. Anjali Exim is pioneer name in the field of waste tyre recycling machinery suppliers in India. We had set-up many tyre recycling machine in India. We believe in innovative technology and we apply the same concept in our waste tyre recycling machinery. These waste tyre recycling machinery can be most cost-effective in the world. Anjaliexim waste tyre recycling manufacturer cost can be availed at leading market price. In this plant get valuable output Fuel oil, Carbon Black, Steel Wire scrap, Gas.

Feature of waste tyre recycling machine

  • we are one the best cost-effective waste tyre recycling machine provide. It result in 100% wastage tyre recycling.
  • There is no chum left after the process
  • No any chemical are used in tyre recycling process therefore the waste tyre machine process is environment friendly.
  • After the tyre reusing process no soil, water or air pollution is observed.
  • Very low budget wastage tyre recycling technology in the world.
  • tyre recycling machine is technically feasible in terms of operation and maintenance Valuable Products – carbon Black and tyre oil are obtained from tyre recycling plant
  • tyre plant process raw material is cheap and easily available
  • anjaliexim tyre recycling machine is very Durableness and long Life

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Tyre Recycling Plant Machinery Process Flow Chart

Advantages of 7th Generation waste tyre recycling machine

  • More safety device: We have use some safety devices in our waste tyre recycling machine such as alarm, pressure gauge, valve safety and many more. We also add anti-back fire device which can avoid fire back into reactor.
  • Environment friendly tyre recycling machine: if you come to visit our running waste tyre recycling machine, you cannot see the steam. We have use dust removal device in tyre recycling machine.
  • Saving Energy: our anti-back device can collect the exhaust gases which can be fuels after the oil is out so is very convenient and you can save the energy. So, you can save lots of energy.
  • Automatic device: we have use automatic device such as carbon black elevator, oil pumping automatic, auto feeder, reducing pressure automatic in tyre recycling machine.
  • Low land space area: Anjali Exim 7th Generation waste tyre recycling machine does not need more land space area. We add apyrous pedestal under the reactor to replace the subgrade, it can be save our money and land area.
  • High valuable output: at the end of process we get carbon black and you can sell carbon black into different factory to make plastic product.
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waste tyre recycling machinery process flow chart Process Flow Chart
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