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Waste tyre recycling plant
Waste tyre recycling plant

No Churn left after the process

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8 MW to 30 MW

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WelCome To Anjali Exim!

Anjali exim is one of the Leading Waste tyre recycling plant manufacture and supplier company in india. Anjali exim with its unique renewable technology has come up with a concept of setting new standard in renewable energy, that includes using of waste tyres as a raw material and producing green fuel oil, carbon black, steel and gas. With global warming and utilization of rubber, it has now become necessary to recycle the waste and convert it in fuel oil in such a way that it is environment friendly.

Since recycling of the waste materials has become so important in the wake of the recent global warming, we as an environmentally-aware organization have explored the benefits of the new technology to combat the environmental challenges in our little way.

Waste Tyre Recycling Plant

One of the major advantages of tyre recycling plant is that it’s a completely eco-friendly and pollution free process whereby no chemical ingredients are used.

In our bid to minimize our environmental footprint, we at Anjali Exim have added a highly refined Waste Tyre Recycling Plant, in our business machinery. It uses the Pyrolysis technology for recycling purposes. Here is a rundown of the primary features (read benefits) of the tyre recycling machinery installedby us:


Our tyre pyrolysis technology is Not only eco-friendly but also cost-effective as well and can be applied to any rubber material.
The introduction of the new technology has effortlessly solved the tyre recycling issue.
Tyre recycling products can be explored as an alternative source of energy for natural gas and petroleum products.

Waste tyre recycling plant Features

100% waste tyre recycling is achieved…

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tyre pyrolysis plant output product
Output Products

Fuel Oil, Carbon Black, Steel Wire, Gas…

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waste tyre pyrolysis plant technical parameter
Technical Parameter

Reactor Dimension, Material, Structre…

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tyre pyrolysis plant component list
Component List

Pyrolysis reactor and inner tubes, Gas chimney…

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