Manufacturer of Waste Plastic Recycling Machine in India

Billions of wastages are available all over the world. We can’t burn or landfill that Waste Plastic due to pollution problems. There is no any other use of this waste Plastic. So, we at Anjali Exim have found a solution for this wastage Plastic. We separate all content from wastage Plastic and make it complete renewable process.

We are professional renewable energy waste recycling equipment Supplier from China, specialized in supplying waste plastic pyrolysis machine and green technology that transfer waste tyre/rubber/plastic and municipal solid wastes to reclaim fuel oil, carbon black, flammable gas and steel wires from the low investment and running cost process. Our proprietary technical process of cracking the waste tyre/rubber/plastic is remarkably superior to satisfy the growing demand for fuel and oil energy. It mainly involves in recovering the hydrocarbons (fuel oil) and other components present in the waste tyre/rubber/plastic using a proprietary catalyst under controlled temperature and pressure.


Technical Detail

  • This is a batch process system.
  • The wastage plastic are fed into the reactor vessel and heated under controlled amount of temperature and pressure.
  • The process will bring about molecular restructuring of the plastic under the pyrolysis process as the result; furnace oil in gaseous form is produced along with other gases.
  • These vaporized gases are passed through heat exchanges, wherein the furnace oil is condensed into liquid form.
  • During the process, carbon black, Gas and Furnace oil are also generated.
  • The heat exchanger uses coolant water, as a condensing medium and this water is re-circulated through process.
  • These systems can be operated 24*7/365.

Features of Waste Plastic Recycling Machine

  • Our waste plastic recycling machine can be environment friendly
  • Anjali exim plastic recycling machinery is Full open door design
  • Fully enclosed carbon black discharging system under high temperature
  • Energy conservation and low cost on operation
  • Raw material is very cheap and easy to available
  • The process can applied to all soft plastic based material

Advantages of Plastic Recycling Machinery

  • Our waste plastic recycling machine is very long service life
  • Required less covering area
  • Our plastic recycling plant is eco-friendly
  • Highly oil yield
  • More convenient method for carbon black discharge

Project Planning & Implementation (For the 10 ton/day capacity):

Land Requirement 15000 Sq. Feet
Construction Shed 50Ft * 80 Ft = 4000 Sq. Feet
Water Required 2000 liters per day
Power Requirement Without Auto feeder : 35 hp / 30 kw
Man Power Planning Manager-2